Our work

We work with any parliamentarian, legislator or elected official at national, regional or local level who wants to advocate for equality for LGBT+ people – regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics.

Our work involves: 

  • Working in partnership with NGOs, international organisations and global companies

  • Supporting and amplifying the work of NGOs and their campaigns by providing an additional, co-ordinated political voice

  • Working in a cross-party and non-partisan nature, with membership open to supportive politicians of all colours and creed

  • A membership-led approach, acting on their behalf and giving advice and support

We conduct our work across three main levels:

  • Nationally, we hold governments to account and try to improve equality laws. Our members work in partnership with NGOs to advance country-specific campaigns, supported by the Caucus where necessary

  • Internationally, we press for co-ordinated government action, communicate across national assemblies, and advocate for LGBT+ issues in global forums

  • Regionally, we link up networks of politicians and NGOs who may wish to work across borders. We provide peer-to-peer support for politicians who want to help in their work for LGBT+ people.